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Let me introduce you to a Web Site that will benefit you as well as the Alton area

Alton Mo Business is an idea I have thought of for many years in the making.

I had worked for ORTRACKM.Net for 9 years as a Web page builder at first then just an Employee, trying to put out fires basically. I wanted to keep the Web pages fresh and updated. yet as the many duties I tried to tackle. the Further I got behind on everything. I now have a goal to help promote the commerce of the Alton Area and help people from all over learn what I have about the area, the great people, the recreation and the History of the area. I have used some of the brochures for doing the pages and some of the ORTRACKM Pages that went away when it went off the MORE Net server. The main thing about the web site I am putting together is ADVERTISING Commercial accounts. With ORTRACKM as a nonprofit with MORE Net it had a policy of not producing prices or Businesses.  

Contact me for prices and letís get together and put your business on this web site. My goal is also to provide Community Information and History of the area.

I have Monthly Rates and  6 month Rates, I want to have links that are useful.

With the Restaurants I want to put a Menu of what they serve,  

We have a great community and a lot to offer here in this Ozark town. On some of the ads, clicking on them will take them to a Website of the company advertising, or a placement page with more details of your business or Church

 If you have an Industry or Business in the Alton Area you want to advertise without having to up keep a Web site or the High cost of the Web site here is an Affordable solution to have a World Wide Presence.

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